Academic life

Students enrolled on "Migration Studies" program have many opportunities in the implementation of their scientific researches. Undergraduates are actively involved in scientific events, conferences and projects organized and implemented by Laboratory of Socio-Anthropological Studies of TSU and other academic organizations.

For example, students of the first intake D.Ye. Bryazgina and E.Yu. Kosheleva took part in the 2nd Tomsk Anthropological Forum (October 11-13, 2018) - the largest scientific event in Siberia in the field of socio-anthropological research. The largest symposium “Migrations, Diasporas, Transnationalism” was organized in this forum and was a home for leading researchers and experts in migration field from Russia, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Austria, such as Ayse Cheglar, Karss Shank, Muzafar Olimov, V. S. Malakhov, E. I. Filippova, E. A. Varshaver, and others. It should be noted that the program teachers S. N. Abashin, S. V. Ryazantsev, V. I. Dyatlov, V. Korneev, I. V. Nam, L. V. Deriglazova, K. Klyuchevskaya, G. V. Grosheva, A. Pogorelskaya, O. Smolenchuk also took part in the symposium as leading specialists and participants.

The second group of students took part in the XV Russian Scientific Conference "Questions of History, Archeology, Political Science and Regional Studies", dedicated to the 90th anniversary of the Honored Professor of Tbilisi State University and Faculty of Historical and Political Sciences, TSU, B.G. Mogilnitskii. Yerkezhan Kapasheva, a student from Kazakhstan studying at the double diploma program, won a prize at the section "Migration processes and identity problems" with the project "The problem of adaptation of ethnic repatriates in the urban space of sovereign Kazakhstan (in the case of Ust-Kamenogorsk)."

Besides participating in scientific conferences students are involved in the project-based learning of the Laboratory of Socio-Anthropological Research. Thus, E. Yu. Kosheleva and D. Ye. Bryazgina work as part of a research group with the program instructors S. V. Ryazantsev, O. V. Korneyev, L. V. Deriglazova, K. Klyuchevskaya, I. V. Nam, G. V. Grosheva, E. Karageorgy, A. M. Pogorelskaya, to the project of the Scientific Foundation n.a. D.I. Mendeleev: “Migrations and Diasporas in a Transfrontier Space: Classical and Critical Approaches to the Study of Interdisciplinary Phenomena” (No. Also teachers of “Migration Studies” program V.I. Dyatlov, K.V. Grigorichev, I.V. Nam, as well as D.Ye. Bryazgina are members of the research team implementing the RSF research project “Use and Creation of the urban infrastructure of Siberian regional capitals by migrants" (№18-18-00293). In March 2019 they took part in the international colloquium “Anthropology of Migration: New Studies in Russia”, where presented the results of the first year of work on the project. The event was held at the European University at St. Petersburg with the support of RNF in LSAR project (see above) and the EUSP project “Transnational and translocal aspects of migration in modern Russia” (No. 14-18-02149-P), with the participation of leading teachers of the program - S.N. Abashin.